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 Expert advice to prevent backflow caused by clogged piping!

Sewer backflow is never a happy situation… Avoid any problems and give yourself peace of mind by ensuring the maintenance of your piping. These few tips will help prevent the worst!

How do I prevent sewer backflow?

A backflow caused by a blocked pipe can be prevented will regular maintenance and thorough cleaning. Experts can clean your piping system to prevent problems. Do not use chemicals which can cause damages.

Finally, the backflow of city sewers can be prevented with the installation of a check valve that complies with RBQ’s plumbing code.

How do I detect the source of foul odours?

Some areas of your home have unpleasant odours?

If foul odours escape from your floor even though your basement is dry, a first step would be to pour in a cup of water and vegetal oil. The water will fill the trap, and the oil will serve as a protective layer to prevent water from evaporating too quickly.

If the odour comes from somewhere else, or if the first step doesn’t solve the problem, a smoke test can be performed by Drain-Clair experts to find the source, then seal it off. 

How can I know if my sewer is broken?

The best solution is to inspect the sewer with a camera. Our technicians will perform on-site diagnosis, before your eyes, and suggest solutions.

How do I repair a sewer without having to excavate?

A Drain-Clair experts will recommend the installation of a Formadrain liner, which consists of inserting of a fibreglass and epoxy pipe in an existing drain. This no dig process is eco-friendly and cost-effective.

How do I prevent my sink from clogging?

Cooking grease often ends up in the kitchen sink. While the amount of fat poured into the sink should be minimized, it can be eliminated with cold water. The use of hot water will make grease soluble, which will then accumulate, collect, and causing it to block.

How do I prevent my flat roof to overflow and be damaged?

One must always ensure that their roof drain is in working condition. The basket above must be free of debris such as dead leaves. The downspout must always be unclogged, especially during thawing periods, when a significant amount of water collects on the roof. Drain-Clair can perform video inspection and the cleaning of the roof drain  before the first snowfall, preventing damages.

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