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Formadrain Technology

 Imagine installing a new sewer pipe inside the old one without having to dig up your front yard.

And it works. And it’s guaranteed. Moreover, it’s economical and… ecological.

Do you know about Formadrain®?

Formadrain® is a lining technology allowing the repair or your old sewer pipe without digging. Formadrain® exists since 1994 and is used all over Canada and the USA.

Since 2004, Drain-Care® is an authorized licensee of the Formadrain® technology, a product built in Montreal that has a lifespan of over 50 years.

The Formadrain® technology is adapted for residential, commercial, institutional, municipal and industrial work. Formadrain’s client base includes prestigious names such as MolsonCoors Brewery, Spécialités Lassonde, Agropur, Kraft Canada and many more reassured clients on the North American continent.

Visit www.formadrain.com for more information.